• How the personalized ceramic gift been customized?

    We all know now people prefer the creative products more than normal one, As there's more and more homogenized products, we all have our own individual requires. Such as, I hope the gift we send can print with our friend's photos、we give our friends the customized couple ceramic cups gift which means not only a cup but also wish they can accompany the whole life with each other...These all the presentation of giving gifts. DIY customized gift can truly satisfied the customized requirements, you can print some pictures of happy memories with the date by your elaborate design, it's very meaningful. Friends can not only received a customized gift from us, but also a gift can shows your best wishes.

  • Why Jingdezhen ceramic is expensive than others?

    Culture foundation: Jingdezhen treat ceramic as a traditional industry which has richful inside information in culture, called by the world "the capital of ceramic". Complicated process:Jingdezhen ceramic was elaborate designed by more than 70 process. Low rate of finished products:The temperature of the inside front part kiln is a little higher, the end part temperature is a little lower, the middle part is the best temperature for the ceramic products, so it caused the quality difference even in one batch, the rate of the finished products is low. The good ceramic product need pick out carefully. Inheritance of the ceramic:Jingdezhen becoming the center of porcelain making and becoming the representative of China ceramic since Song dynasty, having a great influence through the world. Attraction: Now many people worked in Jingdezhen from different places, With the folk attitude and creative idea, they fight for the ceramic with all youth and wisdom

  • How about the strength and service of Tanglong ceramic company?

    Jingdezhen Tanglong ceramic Co.,ltd is an professional manufacturer of ceramic design、produce and wholesale. We not only have the professional customized production technical team which is the first brand of the Jingdezhen ceramic customize, but also we are the first of ceramic customized quantity and numbers of production bases in Jingdezhen. User experience is an important part to Tanglong ceramic, there's four principles in service of Tanglong ceramic which are"professional、consideration、intimate and reassurance". Customer first is the principle of Tanglong ceramic.

  • What's he advantage of using the ceramic tea set to make tea?

    Using the ceramic tea set to make tea can remain the color、aroma、and the taste of the tea leaf for a longer time. Ceramic tea set can release a kind of far infrared ray which can turned the big hydrone to small one, so can promoting human body's absorb to water, enhance human immunity ,help promote blood circulation,enhance metabolism to reach the effect of maintain beauty and keep young. Use the ceramic tea set often can exclude internal toxin and heavy metal, has real effect to health care.

  • What's the hardest making product of ceramic? Jingdezhen ceramic manufacturer will tell you

    If some body asking you: What's the hardest making product in ceramic? You can answer:High temperature red glaze ceramic. "If you want be poor, then making the red ceramic" is a folk proverb of Jingdezhen, it means the high temperature red glaze ceramic is too hard to making, can make people poor. First of all, the high temperature red glaze ceramic need burning with the temperature around 1300°,the early kiln can't reach this temperature,but this problem already solved by the generations of development and improvement of kiln, so first you need a good kiln. But a good kiln is not enough, there's an inch of golden place inside the kiln, but it just stay there, even you burning with the golden place, also can't guarantee the high temperature red glaze ceramic can be successfully made.

  • What's the difference between pottery and porcelain?

    Ceramic tea set is the general term of pottery tea set and porcelain tea set, the tea set made by pottery clay called pottery tea set, the tea set made by porcelain clay called porcelain tea set.

    一、The different material, the pottery can use the general clay, but the porcelain need the specific material.

    二、The different firing temperature, the firing temperature require for pottery is lower, but the firing temperature require for porcelain is very high,

    三、The different glaze material.

    四、The different stiffness, the stiffness for pottery body is lower and the porcelain body has higher stiffness.

    五、The different transparency, pottery don't have the characteristic of translucence, and the porcelain have this characteristic.

  • What's the molding technology of Jingdezhen ceramic?

    (1)Slip casting:making mould according to the drawing,the varnish brush set in advance,easy model,and draw up the model block line. When making the first model, the others part need fixed with mud, before casting the model, need brush some oil to the edge of the mold to make moulding easier.

    (2)Forming : remove some water of the mud to make it into pug neither too hard nor too soft, then doing the pugging to make it free from air and achieve uniform. The put the suitable size clod onto the wheelie, using hand to make it into the blank with appropriate thickness and attractive appearance. Then we splice some accessories like ear、foot and drum screw, then badging at the bottom, drying in some place warm.

    (3)Moulding by stamping: first to clean the mould, prevent impurities into the blank. Make the block model together and put mud cake or the suitable thickness mud strip into the mould, slap it to the certain thickness body, waiting for hardening then doing the fetting, also splice some accessories like ear、foot with the body, then badging at the bottom, drying in some place warm.

  • What's the four characteristics of Jingdezhen ceramic?

    The delicate of Jingdezhen ceramic can shows in this four phrase "as thin as paper,as white as jade, as bright as mirror, sound as loud as boulder". Thin as the paper, white as the jade, bright as the mirror, sound as the boulder. This four characteristics is the important characteristics different Jingdezhen ceramic from other ceramics, also it's the the greatest advantage of Jingdezhen ceramic.