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the 19th west fair and silk expo

¡¡¡¡    The most important thing for the may 2015 is“the 19th  west fair and silk expo”which held in the ancient city xian,from may 22 to 26 in Greenland of xian International Convention and Exhibition Center hold the theme “Build a silk road cooperation platform,Promoting the development of regionalopening”sponaored by the National development Reform Commission,The Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of customs etc.From the beginning of  April 1997 until 2015,Has been successfully experienced 15years,is the most important exhibition in the west.

    Under the “Along the way” policy proposed by President xi jinping,this exhibition attract 52 countrys(regions) more than 1598 domestic and foreign merchants£¬to the most cutting-edge technology products to around the local speciality.because those type of products make west fair colorful.

    Tanglong ceramic company as a part of jingdezhen ceramic industrial,the frist time attend the west fair of new meaning,we took most of distinctive ceramic products,Tanglong ceramic company as a benchmark of ceramic customized in jingdezhen, the number of customized products is the largest in this west fair,we took some of customized products, including Commemorative Plate, tableware,teaset, office four set , screen and hotel porcelain professional customization etc.As time developed,We not only accumulate experience, but also continue to improve ourselves.we have our own patent product.unique cup series,It is not to take the wrong concept of ceramic gifts,As a gift, this is a good choice.lorful.

    Except customized,we also took fancy craft procelain,Famous provincial level ceramic art master Tianzhong Wang’s “Phalaenopsis”ceramic vase,“Longevity”ceramic vase,“Rich Peony ”porcelain painting and so on, also took winning works by the city level ceramic art master Wenliang Xu,such as,“Mother knows ”vase bottle,blue and white tiger vase,chrysanthemum vase etc.the art ashtray which is very popular, is not only the embodiment of  contemporary characteristics,but also resurgence of antique vase,Traditional process and Traditional aesthetics.

    Technology of daily.use ceramic,Both hand.painted 56pieces bone china tableware and 29 pieces tableware,they are all Boutique by our master hand.painted on excelllent bone china procelain body,About tea set,we took our new products “colorful exquisite ceramic tea set” It gets rid of a single exquistte glaze to create a colorful era of exquisite glazed porcelain,green glazed carved,hand.painted plum blossom,mountain and river ceramic tea set,These tea tea in the shape and production process are completely different, they are the representatives of the various tea set.

    The west fair 2015 has a special significance.because it defines another identity by shanxi government“internet+”era.West fair is not only an exhibition,but also it is a bridge of the offline.From the begainning of the 21st century,China has entered the era of the internet,and with the promotion of innovation and technology,sales are from the offline payment into the online transactions.Now, this way become convenient channels in communication and cooperation ,This without borders, no land sales model, has gradually become the mainstream.Tanglong ceramic company has its own international website,communicataion and cooperation with national and foreign customers.Tanglong ceramics manufacturers rooted in Jingdezhen, is a part of the Jingdezhen ceramic industry,In the tradition of ceramics at the same time, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to produce ceramic products with contemporary characteristics.