Company Dynamic

TangLong ceramics to international standards

       The Moscow Homeware Gifts&Premiums EXPO is during 15th Sep, 2015 to 17th Sep,2015. For Jingdezhen Tang Long ceramic company, to attend this international exhibition is a huge significant transformation. To get the ceramic handmade craft industry   geared to the international, it’s more of the first step to the international of Tang Long ceramic Company.

    TangLong ceramic company, as the most senior manufacture in Jingdezhen, which take deeply root in Millennium Jingdezhen and complement with the millennium jingdezhen ceramic craft. During this Moscow Homeware Gifts&Premiums EXPO, the quite characteristic ceramic houseware products and ceramic decoration products we brought let the International friends feel amazed and full of praise. Because this usually international contact, TangLong ceramic expand our horizon, a more grand and spectacular International stage come into our sight. Next, TangLong will get ready to Dubai which is the “Trade capital” of United Arab Emirates、the Middle East economics and financial center and also the world’s largest shopping center to attend the Big 5 International Building&Construction Show in November. In the Dubai exhibition, Tanglong will show the quite characteristic ceramic house-ware products to more International friends, to open their mind and let them understand Jingdezhen millennium ceramic culture and appreciate the ceramic crafts which communicate both the Modernity and Tradition.