5 Self-Defense Moves Everyone Should Know | Important to Learn

Self-Defense Moves

Learn Self defense moves

The videos above will show you 5 self-defense moves that we need to know. Maybe learning these moves will save you from danger in the future. For me, at least we need to learn some self-defense moves so you can protect yourself. I’m sure not everyone had time to learn martial arts but at least learn some basic moves. At least you know what to do if you are facing a dangerous situation.

What Move you learn is:

  1. When someone tries to punch you, you block their punch and then attack their eyes. The eye is an important organ. When the eye attackers are injured, they cannot see clearly, and they will become a little bit powerless.
  2. Second, block the attack, and you give a punch to the chest of the attackers.
  3. Block the attack using your arm and give a punch using your elbow to the attackers. 
  4. When Attackers use their feet to attack you, you block the attack using your feet, and then you reply by attacking their back knees and punching them.
  5. Someone grabs your shirt; you can grab their finger and attack their arm. 

Watch the video for further understanding. You can start to practice it. If you want to master these moves, you need practice, practice, and practice. I hope the videos above will give benefits to you. Search this website for more techniques. Start Practice and stay Safe!



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