Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm Review | Designed to Save Lives

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm Review

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm

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Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm – Check Price

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm review. Our lives are defined by the things that we hold most precious. The people that make all the difference. Is it worth asking the question: What if a device is a simple, smart, and effective alarm that made sure our loved ones are safe and protected? So for the people who make a difference, we might not have to ask ourselves, or we could have done differently.

That’s why Alfahom has created the care go the next-gen personal alarm system designed to save lives by simply connecting the device to your phone. Small but powerful tools. It helps protect personal safety and make sure your loved ones are at ease. Every second is very important when facing a dangerous situation. Remember, maybe the tool could save your life when facing a dangerous situation.


Why You Need Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm:

Easy to Use and Carry

Easy to Carry

This is care go a simple twist, and you’ve activated Follow Me mode when you’re in uncertain situations. The protectors you list are notified, and they’ll be shown in real-time your location on a map. Care Go easy enough for your kids to use too. Accompanying them on their way home, so they do never feel like you’re alone.

In the face of real danger, you can easily send an alert by simply pulling the care go activating the SOS alarm. It will make protectors’ phones sound louder even when their phones are silent and inform all protectors to take immediate action. Care Go is easy to carry anywhere because this thing had small in size. I recommended you can make a keychain for your car/home keys or bag.

Not Worry Anymore

Feel Safe

One of the features is you can notified your protectors where your location. It is simply twisting the care go, and your protected will be notified of your location. Your protector does not worry if you are going out to the street. Especially for children. Then, you can also disable and informed your protectors that their attention is no longer needed and will be thanked for their help. 

Bluetooth 5

5.0 Bluetooth

Care Go Bluetooth 5 ensures a lightning-fast speed, wide range, better range, and high reliability.

Durability, Reliability, and Stability

Good Product

Crafted in hot aluminum alloy for maximum durability. Its size is compact and lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to carry around no matter the occasion—all with a battery that you only have to charge once a year. The surprise is it only takes 1 hour to charge, but you can use the whole year. It is an excellent product in terms of battery usage. Then, it’s water and dust resistant.

Stay Private


Care Go care about your personal information. They built their company cloud on a private server on Google Cloud with double security measures. So no need to worry about your information. They do NOT store any location data and only provide them when you need them.

No service Fee for Care Go App

iOS Critical Alerts

You can enjoy the most critical features after buying the Care Go™ and downloading the application without paying the subscription fee. Plus, premium users can also enjoy a set of additional features like a history log in the future.  It’s a perfect app for Care Go. With this app, you also can find your Care go if you misplaced the tool.

How to search the Care go if you misplaced it? Simply go to the Care Go App and tap them. The Care Go will start to sound, which allows you to locate them easily. Another feature, as for your iPhone, press the button on the bottom of your Care Go to make your phone sound even if it’s muted!


My thoughts

Personally, I recommend this product. It a handy tool when you are facing any danger. You also can use it as a personal alarm keychain. This tool has a lot of good features. I believe it is an excellent investment in terms of your protection.

But maybe you think, why should someone buy a device while many such mobile applications are out there for free with the same features? My answer is sometimes it’s tough to reach your phone when you are in an emergency. Or try to search the App through your phone. Or you need a lot of apps while you get all the useful features at Care Go. Care Go also has a personal alarm that you can use when facing a dangerous situation. Remember, this small can save your life. Stay Safe!


Buy this product?

Care Go

Check Price by clicking the link (Affiliate Link):

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm – Check Price

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