5 Best Parkour Moves to Outrun People Chasing You

Best Parkour Moves

Parkour Moves to Outrun Anyone

This article will share the five best parkour moves to help you escape any situation or run away from anyone. Also, gonna teach you how you would implement them in a real-life situation where you would need them and what you need to be thinking about in that situation.

In any situation, whatever it might be, the three things you need to assess are one what is the situation or what’s the threat level. Number two, what are your route options, and then number three, how much endurance do you have or how long are you gonna last.

So, ideally, in any situation, you want to get out of it as soon as possible. You don’t want to plan on a marathon chase where you’re running forever, and whoever has the most endurance wins. But you want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

That’s where parkour comes in because that will allow you to look at different route options and find the most effective way.

Using your skillset to outsmart your pursuer, and hopefully, they don’t have that same skill set because you train parkour, so you’re going to be able to use obstacles to create distance between them because you can get over those obstacles quickly.

Then, for them, it’s just going to be a barricade, a block where they either have to go around creating more distance between you or get over the obstacle, which slows them down and potentially allows you to hide or eventually escape.

When you’re looking for the route you want to take, make sure that whatever it is, you know exactly where that’s going to lead to, or you can at least have a pretty good estimation that you’ll be able to keep going so that you’re not just reaching a dead-end or going to corner yourself.

So, now jumping into the five moves:

5 Best Parkour Moves

Wall Climb / Run

The first move is actually going to be one of the most effective ones if you are good at it and know how to do it fast, which is the wall climb or run.

So, there are walls all over the city, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a wall that you can climb or wall run-up. You don’t want to just run-up to a random wall that someone can just run around very easily and then climb up that wall and jump on the other side as they run around to meet your landing. That’s not a good idea.

You want to go to a situation where you know it’s going to be blocking your path. You’re using that wall to create a barrier for the person chasing you. By doing this, they either have to climb the wall as well, or they’re going to take a longer route to go around to try and catch you on the other side.

Then, when doing wall runs, it’s just a good idea to be aware of the height you can do wall runs and get familiar with the wall’s grip. So be able to look at a wall and immediately know from training and instinct whether you can make it up that wall or not.

It is all about training so that these things are instinctive, and it doesn’t take a lot of preparation and thought process when you’re in a situation where you have to apply the move.


Speed Vault


Moving on to the next move that will help you escape anyone is the basic speed vault. Now there are hundreds of vaults, but we’re going to be focusing on the speed vault. Why Focusing on speed vaults? Because it’s going to be the one you use most often in a given situation where you need to get over obstacles quickly and safely.

The speed vault is basically like hurdling over an obstacle, but you’re using your hand as support to make sure you don’t clip your feet and trip, especially if you’re trying to get away from someone. If you risk tripping or make a trip, that’s just going to slow you down and put you in a very precarious situation.

So that’s why with the speed vault, it’s all about speed but also safety. Ideally, with the speed vault, you can go over pretty much any obstacle that’s about chest height or lower it can be at different distances.

You want to be aware of what your capabilities are with the speed vaults, and then from there, it’s simply going to be just maintaining your speed and then landing after the speed vault to continue that same speed. So it’s like there was never an obstacle there in the first place. It’s like you just blew right through it.


Cat Leap

The next one is actually going to be similar in application to the first one; the wall runs except in different situations. This is the cat leap.

So you’re gonna need to know how to do the second half of a wall run, which is the climb up because any cat leap where you’re jumping from one spot to a wall and landing in a hang, you need to be able to climb up to get yourself from that position.

Now a cat leap is going to be practical in situations where you’re running away because if you ever end up on top of walls or roofs or whenever from that original wall run, you’re going to need to know how to jump gaps.

Especially if you can jump a gap where it’s going to something higher or something that you can’t just jump to, but you can catch yourself in a cat leap. Then you’ll be able to do this crazy jump to a cat leaping and then climb up and keep going, and that may be what even stops the pursuer in their tracks.


High drops Technique

We’ve gotten ourselves up on something high you often need to find a way back down. You can then even use your way of getting down as away again to create distance and make it a fast way to getaway. So this is just going to be doing drops or descending.

If you’re going full speed and trying to figure out a way down, you can’t just take a drop blindly and hope you can take it. That might lead to your death. You’re going to have to be still aware that you know what you climbed up; hopefully, where you end up in another spot will be a similar height drop, but you’re still going to have to scout it out and be aware of how high the drop is.

So you know what type of descent you’re going to need to take, whether it’s just a straight jump to roll or if you’re going to want to do a turn hang drop, or if you might need to find a different way to scale down. The fastest way you can find to get down will be the best way to create distance from the guy, but you also need to be safe.

You don’t want to take some crazy drop that’s gonna bust your ankle because then you’re not going to be able to continue running after that. No matter how long this guy takes to run around and find you, you’re still stuck to get away, and he’s going to get you.


Tic Tac Vault or Wall Climb

For the last move, we’re going to be doing the tic-tac vault or tic-tac wall climb. Mainly just incorporating the tic-tac to improve your boost and speed into getting over an obstacle.

If you’re in an alleyway going over our fence or if you’re hitting a corner at a certain angle and you find a tic-tac will help you get up the wall quicker.

It’s the fastest way to get over that fence instead of struggling to climb over it since there’s no wall on it is actually to kick off the alley wall and kick it over.


So there you have it the five best way is to escape someone who’s pursuing you or escape any situation you might be in. Obviously, you can do many more parkour moves, but these are good five starter moves that you know will be good to have in your tool belt for the most common situations.

Remember that as you’re building up speed to learn each of these moves that you do it safely and in a safe environment. It’s all about progression and all about doing things in your comfort zone and slowly pushing out of it as you progress as you build your overall strength scale and speed. Stay Safe!


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