Top 5 Tips For Better Home Defense and Security

Better Home Defense and Security

Home Defense and Security

Home Protection

The topic will be to discuss tips for better home defense and security to protect yourself and your family from someone trying to break in.

There’s lots of philosophy, training, different techniques, different skills, and other principles on how to protect the “castle.”

I would share with you guys some easy methods or tips that you guys can use and implement into your home so that you can keep people from breaking in from harming you and harming your loved ones.

Before we get into the top five things that you should do for home defense or home security, I have to say this one.

The necessary thing you need to do is lock your doors. Always keep your doors locked whether it’s nighttime or daytime. All of your doors should be locked.

If someone is trying to come in, it gives you valuable precious time to carry out whatever plan you have and call the authorities, call the police or call 911.

You can’t do anything, and you can’t plan what to do if your front doors open.

So even though this post will share some ideas with you on things you can do for home defense and home security, none of it’s going to matter if you keep your front door open.


Installed Motion Lights

Motion lights

Make sure your house is not in the dark. To avoid your house become the main target for thief or robbers.

Most thief’s when they’re breaking into your home to steal or whatever they want to do, don’t want to be caught, and they don’t want to be recognized.

So if you have motion lights on the front of the house aside in the back, when someone walks by, the lights up.

That’s not the kind of thing that thieves or robbers want. So lighting it up to where the area is visible on the outside will detract people from coming in.

It’s easier for them to break into somewhere they can hide in the shadows and the darkness.

Then what it will be is, if they have to walk by a certain area and then all of a sudden, “boom” the light pops up, Then it will scare the robbers. Also, you can see that there is someone there.

I think people should do put a motion light on the outside of their house. That the first thing that people should do.

So, you know motion lights are not that expensive. What most important is it can save your home from criminals.

Even better, you can prevent criminals from breaking into your house and harming you and your loved ones.

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Put a Security Signs

Security sign

The second thing that you want to do is make sure that you put things out or sign like security signs that will make them second-guess breaking into your home. Again, most criminals don’t want to get caught.

So if you have things in your yard, such as like security signs, even if you don’t have security surveillance on your home, gonna make them think twice about breaking into your home.

Another example of a sign such as “beware of dog,” you know no one wants to break into the house and then get beat to death by a Rottweiler or other guard dog.

Another thing is the “owner has guns” sign or something like that. Those signs do deter people from wanting to break in.

By putting these signs, you’ve lowered your chances of them going into your home. It’s easy to do, and those signs not expensive in the market.

I recommend doing this if your residential area becomes a hotspot for burglars or robbers.

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Get Some Form of Surveillance

Form of Surveillance

The next thing that you should do is make sure that you do get some form of surveillance.

Surveillance like the ring video doorbell or other types of thing, where as soon as someone walks up to your door, it’ll automatically click on and it’ll start recording their face and record the situation.

You can set that up where it looks on your phone, and you can see it on your phone that’s someone at your door.

This kind of tool helps you ID the criminal. I highly recommend for you to install this kind of surveillance.

Then, you can get security cameras for your home surveillance. Make sure that the cameras are pointing in a way that you can get a clear identification.

Don’t put cameras where you know it’s too much light or too much darkness or whatever things make it hard to see them in-camera.

Make sure you’re brilliant about where those cameras are pointed.

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Prepare Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

Make sure that you have a contingency plan in case someone is trying to invade your house. It’s gonna be a solid plan like your wife knows what firearms you are going to use. She knows what firearm you want her to have. Then, your son or your daughter knows what to do.

Maybe you can create your secret code word, and when you’re yelling this secret code, everyone knows what needs to do. Everyone plays their role.

Obviously, if you’re single, then that is your role in protecting yourself. When having a plan, you know what to do when facing that situation.

You want to make sure that you come up with a plan and you detail that plan specifically.

So every member of your family knows exactly what they got to do, how to do it and when to do it. Then, you’ve got to make sure it’s clear crystal clear, so there’s no mistake.

When that situation happens, you do it, which gives you a huge advantage because you know the lay of the land better than the criminals if you’ve already got a strategic plan that gives you the advantageous position to eliminate the problem.

Equipment, Weapons, and Training

Equipment, Weapons, and Training.

Finally, make sure you have the equipment or weapons for your protection if somebody breaks into your house.

Most people are preferred guns. Honestly, I also preferred guns. I think guns are more effective weapons for home defense.

However, not everyone had a gun. You might not have access to one either legally or morally, and perhaps you can’t afford one, or a gun was not right for you.

You can use other weapons that you comfortable with. You can see another post, choosing the best home defense weapons besides guns if you are not using guns.

Make sure you put the weapons, tools, or equipment in a strategic place. Easy for your family to reach or easy to find.

If you put the weapons that you or your family hard to reach, it gives robbers or criminals an advantage. So make sure to place it in a strategic place. It’s vital.

It would then be best to practice using the weapons, especially if you are using firearms for your home defense.

You need to practice! Practice! and practice! Until you master using your weapons. It’s important to training using your weapons to win the fights against that bad guy.

One more thing, Make sure that you guys keep up with all the laws in your States. What is legal, what’s not legal, what you can buy, what you can’t buy, or what you can have in your house.

Make sure you guys keep up with the laws. It’s important because you are thinking you’re doing something good but end up you breaking the law by doing it.

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So there you go, five tips for home defense and home security for your home. Take your action to protect your family.

I hope this post will give benefits to you. Please share so it will give benefits to others. Stay Safe!


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