Choosing The Best Home Defense Weapons Besides Guns

Home Defense Weapons Besides Guns

Best Home Defense Weapons (Besides Guns)

People attacking you in your home. What are you going to use to defend yourself? What kind of weapon would you use? In this video we’re going to talk about home defense weaponry and don’t worry I’m not going to just tell you that it’s the answer is a gun and you’re probably screwed anyway. Even that is the answer but I’m also going to cover you know stuff besides guns. So yes absolutely a gun is the best weapon for home defense period but it has to be a gun that you are proficient with.

Now no matter what your reasoning may be a firearm is not right for you maybe you don’t have access to one either legally or morally maybe you don’t want one maybe you can’t afford one. In this video, I’m gonna cover some best home defense weapons besides guns and also some improvised weapons common around the home that you could use.


The other home defense tools and weapons you can use (affiliate links):

– Mace Pepper Gun:

– SOG Fasthawk Tomahawk:

– CN926795 Spike Mace:

– Baseball:

– Hammer:


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