Basic Self-Defense If You Fall to the Ground

Basic Self-Defense If You Fall to the Ground

Basic Self-Defense If You Fall to the Ground

Watch the video to add your knowledge on the self-defense topic. Fall to the ground in a fight, and you could be in BIG trouble. But keep this Basic Self-Defense if you fall to the ground from Stephan Kesting in mind, and you’ll have a better chance of surviving.

Whether you slip, trip, or get hit, if you find yourself heading for the ground…

1- PROTECT YOUR HEAD! The more you can tuck your chin, the better. Sprawling backward and smacking your head on the ground could knock you out before the bad guy even touches you.

2 – GET YOUR LEGS IN THE MIDDLE! Try to face your attacker at all times. Spin yourself around, so your feet are aimed in their direction. Whatever you do, don’t turn your back!

3 – KICK WISELY! DOn’t just freak out and start throwing wild kicks. Those are easy to throw aside and waste your energy. Pick the right moments to launch a kick up to the head, the groin, or structural targets like the hips and knees.

No matter what you “know,” the more you put your knowledge into practice, the more likely it will be of use to you! So, find a partner and practice falling safely and kicking your way back to your feet.

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Keep fighting for a happy life! 🙂

WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.


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