Self-Defense Keychain: 6 Best Options For Protection

Self-Defense Keychain

Self Defense

Whether you’re walking home alone from work or leaving a night out party with friends you could get a weird vibe from a stranger on a long road or on the bus.

But how do we prepare for and stay safe in this unsafe world? What are the everyday objects you can carry and use to your advantage as a weapon is a self-defense keychain.

Here are some best options for Self-Defense Keychains that are discreet, easy to use, and highly effective.


Best Options for Self Defense Keychains:

SOG Keytron EDC Keychain Knife

A knife is one of the best forms of protection among other uses. But can an EDC keychain knife perform up to the standards of regular folding knives? probably not. But keychain knives will certainly do in a pinch while walking your way home in the dark or defending yourself against a pack of wild stray dogs.

Yoogo Self-Defense keychain

What this defense keychain resembles is a small handheld meeting massager but it definitely packs a punch. Simply hold it around your index finger and thumb or between your index and middle fingers. Then, strike a punch or a hook. It can also be used to break auto glass in emergencies

Kubaton Self-Defense Keychain

This self-defense keychain is not your ordinary aluminum alloy. This solid lightweight EDC self-defense tool slips right into your hand. Its smooth stainless steel surface and grooved hand bar make it easy to engage a hostile person. So that you can’t delay and getaway.

Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt-Force

This simple and small pocket a self-defense EDC is excellent for hammer fit strikes, pressure point attacks, or hardened fist punches. Its finger grooves are designed to fit any hand and for ease of grip and control. This is great for those with a weaker punch.

Pepper-Spray Keychain

Stabbing or punching may not work efficiently for everyone. But for ladies out there who are nervous getting in and out of your car or when you are at unfamiliar places the saber pepper-spray keychain provides you protection at a safe distance against threats. Just slide a spray valve open aim, spray, then run.

Vipertech VTS

Should an assailant try to attack you or snatch your smartphone a high-voltage shock from the Viper tech VTS gets the job done when you mean serious business. It has ultra-sharp electrodes that can penetrate into even thicker clothing to deliver a high stunning punch.



These simple everyday carry self-defense tools are affordable investments. Self-defense keychains are robust and easy to use to keep yourself safe in the common real-world of violent situations. I’m sure having some reassurance about your next steps should any unfortunate circumstance happen can make all the difference.

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