Self-Defense Shooting

Self-Defense Shooting: 5 Things YOU SHOULD NEVER DO After The Incident

Self-defense shootings are typically chaotic events that can lead to you getting killed, even after you have successfully defended yourself, or even wrongfully arrested or sued. Now, you will learn…

Best Parkour Moves

5 Best Parkour Moves to Outrun People Chasing You

Parkour Moves to Outrun Anyone This article will share the five best parkour moves to help you escape any situation or run away from Also, gonna teach you how you would implement them in a real-life situation where you…

Self-Defense Moves

5 Self-Defense Moves Everyone Should Know | Important to Learn

Learn Self defense moves When someone tries to punch you, you block their punch and then attack their The eye is an important When the eye attackers are injured, they cannot see clearly, and they will become a…

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm Review

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm Review | Designed to Save Lives

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm – Check Price Why You Need Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm: Easy to Use and Carry Not Worry Anymore Bluetooth 5 Durability, Reliability, and Stability Stay Private No service Fee…

Woman's Safety Device

Top 6 Woman’s Safety Device | Which Will Be Your Ultimate Saviour

Prepare yourself We can never expect the crime will happen to So what we need to do? We need to prepare if we are facing those Especially women, they easily being targeted by the Women can not…

Best Personal Alarm Keychain

Top 5 Best Personal Alarm Keychain

Personal Alarm Keychains  – Personal Alarm Siren Song – – Taiker Personal Alarm for Women – Additional Reading:

Self-Defense Keychain

Self-Defense Keychain: 6 Best Options For Protection

Self Defense Best Options for Self Defense Keychains: SOG Keytron EDC Keychain Knife Yoogo Self-Defense keychain Kubaton Self-Defense Keychain Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt-Force Pepper-Spray Keychain Vipertech VTS   Conclusion Additional Reading:

Basic Self-Defense If You Fall to the Ground

Basic Self-Defense If You Fall to the Ground

Basic Self-Defense If You Fall to the Ground Additional Reading: The Black Dahlia, A Realistic View Of The 1947 Los Angeles Murder Of Elizabeth Short Part 3 of 3 A Most Honorable, Honest, and Forthright Man Unknown to Many Catholic…

Zeroing Your Rifle Scope


Zeroing Your Rifle Scope Explanation: Additional Reading: Germany and the Child Sex Rings Kano and Ganduje: Killing in the Name of God The Dangerous Nature of Human Trafficking Police Arrest and Control – Differences in Resisting Arrest and Being Lawfully…

Why Learning Self-Defense Is Important

3 Reasons Why Learning Self-Defense Is Important

Why Learning Self-Defense is Important Additional Reading: Police Brutality and Killings Arrogance in Ignorance – The Republic Is in Danger – Censorship The sexuality of Violence and Other Human Predations  Psychic Terrors – Mirrors of Psychological Errors The word psychic…