Tor Browser Private Web App – Free Tool For Privacy and Security

Tor Browser Private Web App

Do you familiar with the Tor browser private web app?

Once connected to the internet and trying to visit or access the website, other prying eyes, such as hackers, can see who you are and that you are trying to access their server by using your IP address. 

So, there is no privacy and security for your online activity. If we are talking about online privacy and security, most people could say that using VPN is the best way. 

It’s true, but there are other alternatives. The alternative is by using the software Tor browser

You may know what Tor is, but some people may do not know. Let’s review what Tor browser is.

What is Tor Browser

You may have heard of the terms Tor, but what exactly is Tor. Tor browser is a free software program short for “The Onion Router,” mainly down to its many heavy-duty encryption layers, a little bit like an onion.

Initially, it was a global network of servers established within the US Navy in the early 90s to protect the US intelligence communications online.

In simple terms, the Tor network disguises your identity by bouncing your data and Internet requests across many tor servers all around the world.

It changes the pathway every single time that making it near impossible to track your IP address.

In other words, your online identity using tall conceal location and visits to websites, so no one will know what you’re getting up to online tour goes way beyond anonymity.

Tor network hides your identity by transferring your traffic around various servers and encrypting your traffic not to be traced back to you. Anyone who tries to track or locate the traffic will see it coming from random nodes on the Tor network.

Is Tor Free?

Yes, Tor is free. It is the open-source software that allows you to remain anonymous online. It’s a free browser that you can use to secure your privacy and security while doing online activity.

Is Tor illegal? Can Use To Access Dark Web?

No, using Tor is not illegal (except in some countries). Perhaps one of the reasons is that these governments want to monitor every inch of their people’s lives. It is not unlawful for you to become anonymous. 

Then, how about using Tor to access the dark web? The answer is not illegal to use it. 

As you know, the dark web itself is not illegal, but what makes it illegal is its activity in the dark web. 

It is illegal using Tor to access specific sites and making certain purchases such as illegal firearms, drugs, or child pornography.

So, when you surf the dark web, be cautious about what you are looking for. 

Is it Safe Use Tor For Web Browsing?

The most question people will ask, is it safe to use Tor? The answer is yes. Tor browser is secure to use even it is much safer than most browsers out there.

The Tor browser is secure if you use it to surf the Clear Web. Clear Web, or sometimes people call it Surface Web, is publicly accessible web pages primarily indexed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Tor will protect your privacy and security when you surf the Clear Web.

But If you are using the Tor browser to surf the dark web, be cautious about your personal or important details such as bank card information.

Can I Use Tor With Vpn?


By using both Tor and a VPN together can be a little bit tricky. So I’ll try to give you the essential lowdown on combining the two and helping you make the right choice regarding which way to use them.

You’ve got two options you could even use:

  • Tor over VPN 
  • VPN over Tor
Tor over VPN
Firstly, we talk about the ‘Tor over VPN’ method. First, you must connect to your VPN server, which will encrypt all of your data. 

This method will prevent your internet service provider from seeing that you’re connected to Tor, and the Tor network itself can’t see your real IP address.

The big issue is that your VPN provider will see that you’re using Tor. Yes, the VPN provider does not know your online activities, but they’ll be able to see your actual IP address. 

This is a great option for those of you who are less tech-savvy. It’s super easy to configure. 

Just make sure your VPN has a kill switch and has its own DNS servers because if your VPN were to drop suddenly, your Tor traffic could be exposed to your internet service provider.

This method has insanely strong encryption levels making it a massive problem for even the most powerful bodies to decrypt or hack.

But you can use this method if you are trusting your VPN provider because they can see your IP address.

VPN over Tor

The second method is ‘VPN over Tor.’ First, connect to the Tor network and then use a VPN to pick your server location and then stream away. 

Using this option prevents your VPN provider from seeing your true IP address and gives you the added benefit of choosing a server location. 

So if you want to access location-restricted content, then this might be a better option for you. 

If you don’t trust your VPN provider, this method will eliminate VPNs’ fear of logging your business, but one of the main problems with this method is that it will seriously slow down your device.


In general, we don’t suggest using a VPN with Tor unless you’re an expert user who understands how to set them up in a way that protects your privacy. Even Tor itself doesn’t recommend using a VPN with Tor.

Tor Browser App Download

Tor is a free software to download for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. You can download it here. 

Unfortunately, For iOS users, Tor does not provide the services for IOS. But for iOS user, they can use Onion Browser. You can download it here from the App Store.

Pros using Tor Browser

Free to Install

What good thing about Tor browser you are free to install. It does matter if you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. You can use it for free. 

But for iOS, you need Onion Browser, which is also free to use. Volunteers have built and run the Tor Project, so donations are welcome.

More secure than a regular Browser

The purpose of this browser is to give privacy and security to your online activity. So, it becomes more secure rather than a regular browser. It more secure if you want to access the dark web.


The interface is the same as other browsers. So everyone can use the Tor browser without any difficulty, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Cons Using Tor Browser

Slow Your Connections

Your link is bounced across the Tor network. As a consequence of this method, the link travels farther and takes longer than normal.

A broad distance can also separate nodes. As a result, the connection frequently passes through many countries before arriving at its final destination.

It may also take some time. As a consequence, when compared to other browsers, Tor is slower.

Some Website Block Tor

Slower loading times are one thing, but certain websites will not work. There are several websites (including some well-known ones) that block Tor.


Pretty sure now you know what Tor Browser is all about. Suppose you are looking for free software to secure your privacy; Tor is doing a pretty job.

But if looking for a more useful tool for privacy, I can say is VPN is better than Tor. There is the free version of VPN, but I recommend using the paid version for better security.

The choice is in your hand. Pick what best for you. Stay Safe!


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