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Your house is Being Watched

Your House Being Watched By Robbers?

How to know your house is being watched by robbers? Every year there are approximately 900 thefts per 100,000 people worldwide.

To avoid becoming a statistic, many people protect their home, some using alarms, others rely on the strong door with a complicated lock, some going further by installing security cameras, smart lock, and high tech security gadgets.

But most people don’t always notice that most robbers have already started to watch their homes, and they are waiting for the right time and moment to make a move.

Remember, maybe you had advanced technology to protect your house, but perhaps the robbers already learn about that technology and learn how to break your home.

Please pay attention to details even they seem trivial at first sight.

Never look away at small details because maybe that tiny details can save you from robbers and, more importantly, can protect your family’s lives.

I hope you never encounter theft or other situations, and it’s better to always be on your guard.

In this post, I prepare a list of signs of your home being observed by robbers.


List of signs your house being watched:

1) A broken window

broken window

To verify whether the owners are at home and whether or not the alarm works, some criminals will throw stones at your car or house window.

If neither the owners nor neighbors come outside to check what’s going on and the police don’t come, it can help the robber calculate the best time for robbery.

If you’re at home and someone breaks one of your windows, and you have an unpleasant feeling, call the police immediately.

Besides, checking your home alarm to make sure it is functioning. Then, Be nice to your neighbors because, in a dangerous situation, they can help you.

2) A New Janitor


If you use a cleaning company’s services and always see the same worker, you should be worried about a new cleaner’s appearance.

Be extra cautious if the company itself didn’t inform you about the changing personal. Or you call the company about the new guy to make sure the person in your house is not a robber.

The new “cleaner” could be a thief who intends to inspect your home for valuables items.

You should also validate the new “cleaner” identity to check if it’s actually their employee.

3) An Empty Gas tank

Empty Gas tank

Is it either a stroke of bad luck, or have you forgotten to refill your tank before heading home? To prevent the potential victim from coming home earlier, robbers may drain the gasoline from their car. In the worst-case scenario, you may not be able to get to the gas station.

Which means you get back home even later. So if you’re sure you had a full gas tank yesterday and it’s almost empty today, ask someone to keep an eye on your house until you get home.

Then your car must also be theft-proof since robbers may use it to deter you. Do not park your car in a quiet place but recommend parking at the Monitor parking lot.

Then, Make sure your Alarm system works before heading to the road. By doing this, you also prevent your car from stolen.

4) The Disappearance of your dog

Disappearance of your dog

When your dog is missing, maybe you think your dog gets stolen because your dog was a popular breed.

But Robbers are such heartless beings that they would even resort to dognapping to get rid of your trustworthy fluffy. A dog that guarding the house gives a burden to robbers.

That’s why they may try to get rid of the “guardian” by stole the dog when the owners are not at home.

Since the “guardian” is not there to guard the house, maybe after one to three days, the robbers will come back unafraid of being bitten by a dog.

But of course, a missing dog doesn’t always signify an upcoming robbery; you shouldn’t exclude this option.

5) Missing garbage


Always remember, robbers are attracted to a home not only because of the owners’ money, jewelry, or expensive items, but very often people throw out papers containing vital information:

  • Names
  • Dates of Birth
  • Addresses
  • Passport Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Other Data

This data is exactly what robbers need. That’s why you need to make it a rule or a habit to shredding your papers with personal information before throwing them away.

It does not leave the empty box that shows the stuff is costly, showing you are loaded. It can lead to attracting the robbers to aim your home.

Think of a way to dispose of it properly so your information does not fell into the wrong hands.

And if you notice somebody were’s rummaging in your garbage, remember that it isn’t always a homeless person searching for food. Always stay alert in your environment.

6) Thieves code / Strange Mark

Strange Mark

They use signs to identify possible targets. Criminals have a hidden code such as on the house wall, chalk drawings, symbols carved into the letterbox, or signs on the garage door can be discovered.

Besides, if you find any symbol on your property and are sure that there are no scribbles on the wall for children, then take a picture of the symbol and location.

Make sure you have the date and notify law enforcement of your findings.

Also, erase any suspicious marks on the door, on the garden lanterns, or in the driveway that appears near your home.

Be mindful and pay attention to the appearance of random marks in your neighborhood.

7) Strangers walking down your street

walking down your street

Many of us have lived in the same neighborhood for a while, and we can recognize most of the people who live on our block or frequent our place.

On the other hand, burglars focus on individuals who have no insight or awareness about their neighbors.

It might be a red flag if you see tourists and uncommon neighbors driving up and down the street, taking photos of houses and dogs, and claiming to be jogging.

In comparison, juveniles wandering or cutting around someone’s garden, or a guy showing odd conduct and trying to conceal something.

One way to assist law enforcement is to provide them with accurate knowledge about the incident.

If you take a good look at the person and write down their age and height, hair color and clothing, and any specific characteristics.

8) Unfamiliar vehicles

Unfamiliar vehicles

In fact, unknown cars and vans around the neighborhood would definitely raise questions. Please take action if you found that an unidentified car was parking on your street.

So what proper actions have you been willing to take? A police officer said that staying cool and taking down as many comprehensive details as possible is crucial.

The vehicle’s make and model, paint, license plate, bumper stickers, and, where appropriate, the driver’s detail.

Moreover, it is important to have an eye on your property and, why not the community and If the vehicle sits around for an extended period of time or occurs on an odd basis frequently.

9) A Broken Lock

Broken Lock

Lock malfunctions or door scratches are indications that someone has attempted to break into your house already.

Take prompt measures, contact the cops, change the locks for more secure models, and suggest adding an alarm.

Keep in mind that don’t try to scare them off or catch them yourself if you go back home and find robbers.

More than anything else, your life is more precious. Please try to leave your home unnoticed and call the police.

10) Calls from unknown numbers

Calls from unknown numbers

To ascertain whether or not the homeowners are present at home, thieves call the house and hang up once they answer.

If a small child picks up a phone, they can try to get some information from them.

Because of this, your child must know not to give out personal information to strange people.

It is important not to ignore the repeated dropped calls. Discuss the situation with the police about the issue.


One question for you. Are you aware of these signs, or you not even thinking about this issue?

If not, please take note of these signs and take action. It can save you and your family! Please do not take it lightly. Stay safe!


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