Zeroing Your Rifle Scope

Zeroing Your Rifle Scope

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Red Dot Sight:

Today I want to talk with you about something that can be a little bit confusing, and that is at what distance should you be zeroing your rifle with us at ar-15, more specifically, a rifle that you plan to use for self-defense. If you go online, especially on forums, social media Facebook, things of that nature, and you’re gonna see things where some people are like, hey is there are 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, etc. The most common that I would say that you’re going to see is probably the 5,200 yards zero. In a self-defense situation, I want to be able to put the red dot in the same place on a person every single time.

Consistency is a huge thing, so if I’m able to say, we always talk about aiming high thoracic cavity so if I can put my red dot high thoracic cavity every single time regardless of the distance. Let’s say a distance of 3 yards, which is your average violent encounter all the way out to say two or three hundred yards that would be ideal.

So we’ve come up with this zero that we call the six-inch effective zero. What that means is this I’m able to do exactly what I just described.

I can put the red dot in the same place on a person in a defensive situation whether they’re at 3 yards or one yard all the way out to 300 yards, and it’s still going to be a combat effective shot at once the person is struck the bad guy is struck those rounds are going to lend itself to stop that person from being a threat now I know some of you are listening and going wow that’s an excellent idea and how do I do it.

Well, let me show you how it is based on the fifty-two hundred zero, but again, we’re gonna go a little bit further than that, and we’re going to look at exactly how much higher does the bullet go above our line of sight and how much lower does the bullet go after it crosses our line of sight for the second time at around 200 yards.




Let me show you, now when we’re talking about this, we’re talking about two two three five five six fifty-five grain just a standard round and this is just a good basic understanding it could be a little bit different for you just depending on the size of your barrel and things of that nature.

This is a good rule of thumb to stick with we have our barrel here, and it’s angled at an upward angle, so basically, for a 50-yard 0, we have angled the barrel in such a manner to where the bullet and that’s what this line is depicting the bullet is intersecting with the line of sight at 50 yards away right here. So what this is, we call this a six-inch effective zero.

Again what this essentially means is that we’re looking at how much the bullet is traveling. How much higher is the bullet traveling above our line of sight, and how much lower is our bullet traveling below our line of sight out to a certain distance.

So with the 50-yard zero, you notice the bullet crosses the line of sight at 50 yards, and it continues to climb to a maximum approximate height of plus two-point one inch above our line of sight that occurs at about 150 yards.

The bullet then begins to drop rapidly at 200 yards across that line of sight again and then on out to approximately 300 yards now, the round is approximately four inches below the line of sight. Given us that plus two-point one above the line of sight and the negative four below the line of sight that’s what gives us that 6-inch effect of zero.

What’s great about this is this I’m gonna draw like a silhouette of a person we always aim high thoracic cavity, so right about in here, that’s about where the sternal notch is where the collar bones come together. Now, if I’m able to use this as this 6-inch effective zero, that means that I can put the red dot right here on that sternal notch, and at 50 yards, I’m dead on at 150 yards I’m plus two-point one inch.

So now I’m right there about the chin area or maybe even a little bit higher at 150 yards and then on out to 300 yards the bullet is going to drop four inches below the line of sight. So that’s about right in here, still in that thoracic cavity area where we have those vital organs.

So what I love about this is that I’m able to put my red dot in the same spot every time, and it’s still going to be a combat effective shot that should interact with the vital organs of the bad guy. I hope this helps you so guys and girls.

I really hope that this helped you next time you have your rifle’s sight in whether you got a new optic or not. I always think that it’s a great idea to check the zero on your rifle about once a quarter, so every three months.

But next time you go to the range, and you’re sighting in your rifle, now you know it kind of goes beyond just a fifty-two hundred zero. We actually can go beyond that out to about three hundred yards I’m able to put my red dot in one spot, stay consistent, but the red dot in one spot on the bad guy, and I’ve got a six-inch effect of zero because we’re taking into account the rise and fall of the bullet as it’s flying through the air so I really really hope that this helps you.

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Red Dot Sight:


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